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Sought-after thought leaders and speakers, Nick and Dr. Elaine Stageberg have frequent appearances on podcasts and stages. These are some of their areas of expertise that they’d love to teach on your stage or podcast.

“Passive Investing 101”

With our years of experience in the industry, we’re able to distill passive investing down the the essentials. Our Passive Investing 101 feature is perfect for newbies and experienced investors looking to get back to the basics and improve their game. Whether it’s understanding the reasons for investing passive REI structures, actionable plans for your first (or next) investment, how to find an investment opportunity that is aligned with YOUR interests – we’ve got you covered.

This can be tailored to the experience level of the specific audience .

“Scaling Your Business”

Real Estate Investing is the best way leverage mindset. Making “Big Decisions” is a part of life – and you can learn how to make them in an arena that can provide massive returns and financial legacy for yourself and your family. We “leveraged mindset” to 100x our business in 5 years, scaling 1 single family home into a 1/3 of a billion dollar business. It all started with believing that it’s possible, seeing a vision of a compelling future, and surrounding ourselves with the right peer group to get there. We can help you do the same for yourself.

“Vertically Integrate Your Business”

Nick and Elaine scaled their portfolio from $3M to $300M by vertically integrating their property management team and many other parts of the value-chain. Vertical integration is a key strategy for achieving success and scaling your real estate portfolio. By bringing management in-house, Nick and Elaine are able to take extreme ownership of their investments. When it’s your team handling the properties – they see everything. By understanding what vertical integration is, having a plan for building out your value chain, and implementing vertical integration with your investments, you can add multiple zeros to an investor’s bottom line.

“Investing with your Spouse”

You want to invest in real estate, but your partner doesn’t. How do you convince them? The real question is “How do I become a person who meets my partner’s needs so deeply they are ecstatic about doing this?” Take it from the husband and wife who successfully invest and run a real estate investment firm together: from this place, growing your real estate portfolio is just one more shared adventure. You and your spouse can have this for yourselves – just ask us!

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