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Hi. Welcome. We’re the Stagebergs!

We’re married, we’re in love, we’ve got four beautiful children – and few amazing companies as well.

Our mission? Leveraging the power of real estate investing to make the world a better place to live, one relationship at a time.

There’s the Foundation, where we’re providing green spaces for all, safe and affordable housing for women and children – and entrepreneurial mentorship for those who wish to change their lives…

There’s the Property Management company, where we’re working with our amazing team to provide the optimal living experience and drive efficiencies and scale through deep vertical integration and an ownership mindset…

Then there’s our real estate investment company, Black Swan Real Estate, with over 1,000 doors and more than $330M in assets under management, where we deliver true generational wealth and passive cashflow investment opportunities to our investors.

Through real estate, we achieved our dreams of retiring in our 30’s. Now we want to help everyone else achieve theirs through values-driven, socially conscious investing, mentorship, charity work, and serving as a thought leader and teacher to touch as many lives as possible.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make the world a better place to live for everybody. From passive investors, to residents, to the communities we invest in, we strive to embody servant leadership and leave a positive impact on the lives we touch.

How do we do that? 

We create long-term, infinite rate of return investing opportunities. We’re revolutionizing private equity with no fees, a radical alignment of interests, and a long-term hold for decades of life-changing passive income.

We provide exceptional living experiences for our residents. We believe in extreme ownership, and our pet friendly, vertically integrated property management company ensures our residents have a premium home and living experience. The phrase “it’s just a rental” never enters our vocabulary. 

We change capitalism in our own small way. We strive to create infinite opportunity–that’s why we structure our funds with a 100% return of capital to investors before any splits. Then, we donate 5% of our returns to charity and 5% to our staff. It’s time private equity is done the right way, not just the way that makes general partners the most money.

We do everything in alignment with our core values. We’ve created investing opportunities and exceptional living experiences in accordance with our seven core values: radicalize transparency, embody servant leadership, create infinite opportunity, show up for people, take extreme ownership, focus on the long term, and grow authentically. We believe in values-driven investing.

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Investing with your spouse

We believe investing in real estate is investing in relationships – and the most important relationship you”ll ever invest in is with your significant other.

Operating a business together by day and parenting together by night creates plenty of opportunity for conflict and growth. We channel it all into polarity and extreme passion that fuels our personal and real estate goals. 

You can, too.

The question our investors ask more than ANY other is “how do I make this work with my significant other?”

Real Estate at Scale Podcast

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