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Real Estate Investing is Relationship Investing.

“Real estate investment is not measured in dollars or doors, but in relationships and the lives you change and improve with everything you do.” – Nick Stageberg

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Meet the Stagebergs

Nick and Dr. Elaine Stageberg have built a $250 million real estate business by providing passive investors with fantastic returns and passive income opportunities through with their unheard of fund structure which features no fees whatsoever, returns 100% of investor capital before any split, and enjoys decades of infinite return.

They’ve leveraged their 11 years of marriage, love and mutual understanding into a synergistic, vertically integrated real estate and property management business to scale 1 single family home into their 1/3 of a billion dollars worth of assets under management.

They’re proud parents to 4 beautiful children, ages 7 and under.  Elaine is a psychiatrist trained at the Mayo Clinic and Nick is a career technologist with over 20 years experience and also has a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry. Today, they run Black Swan Real Estate full-time. 

They believe that investing in real estate is really investing in relationships, and the most important relationship you will ever invest in is with your spouse. Operating a business together by day and parenting together by night, side by side almost 24 hours a day, creating plenty of opportunity for conflict, which they have learned to channel into polarity and extreme passion to fuel their personal and real estate goals.  They love to teach others to do the same. 

Through real estate, Nick and Elaine reached financial freedom in their 30s and also guide people along that journey goes hand in hand.  Nick and Elaine are values-driven, socially conscious investors, donating at least 5% of profits from their funds to charity and 5% of their profits to their staff in profit share. Together, they want to make the world a better place to live in the most tangible way. 


From software tech start-up veteran to CEO of Black Swan Real Estate, Nick Stageberg has always been an entrepreneur at heart. 

Before real estate, Nick enjoyed an extremely successful career in enterprise software.  Over 9 years, his first startup went from $13M in venture capital to $100M in private equity sale.  After that, he helped the Mayo Clinic create a software development start which resulted in him leading 13 teams of engineers after only 3 years.  Along the way, Nick and Elaine built a real estate portfolio which eventually became Black Swan Real Estate.  Nick has been able to leverage the innovative tools and management techniques from the technology world in real estate, which has given Black Swan an incredible advantage over legacy firms in the industry.  

With the help of a trusted Realtor, he and Elaine purchased their first real estate investment – a single family home foreclosure in Oklahoma City that had been vacant for a number of years and was in need of extensive rehabilitation. Using their own capital and labor, Nick and Elaine transformed the home from boarded-up to occupied in less than 4 weeks, refinanced out, and deployed that capital to secure their next asset. This strategy – the Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refi, Repeat strategy – has formed the basis of their entire investment strategy ranging from single family homes to large multi-family communities. To date, with a third of a billion in assets, this is still the business plan, they have never sold an asset, and they enjoy creating infinite rate of return opportunities for investors to accelerate and exponentially grow wealth and freedom.

When Nick is not teaching or speaking, he oversees all day-to-day operations at Black Swan Real Estate and their sister property management company Black Swan Living, including project sourcing and representation, rehab and contractor management, property and resident management. 



Chief Investment Officer of Black Swan Real Estate, a leading national presenter, investment thought leader, and real estate expert, Dr Elaine Stageberg is a psychiatrist, mother of four, and mentor to physicians and real estate investors from all walks of life.  Elaine’s own journey to financial and lifestyle freedom has been nourished by an unwavering passion for empowering families. She believes that real estate investing can—and should—create good for not only investors, but also for the communities of people who live in these investment properties. 

Elaine received an MD and MHA from the University of Oklahoma, and was one of the few selected to complete her elite training in psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic, the #1 rated hospital in the world.  Her best-of-the-best pedigree ingrained her in a powerful, deep, and rare understanding of what fundamentally drives people, and how to help them manifest a better version of themselves.  Today she teaches everyone ranging from fellow physicians and fund managers to first-time real estate investors that real estate is the most powerful way to leverage mindset.  Elaine shows her audiences how to not just turn paychecks into prosperity but create a full and rich life which will launch their legacy. 

Elaine is responsible for Investor Relations and marshaling capital at Black Swan.  In December 2021 she successfully launched a $11M private equity fund which was raised in a single day.  In December 2022 she just closed another $30M private equity fund.


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“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young person or wage earner of today invests  money in real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie, billionaire industrialist

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Investing With Your Spouse

Investing with your spouse can be a transformative experience

We firmly believe that Real estate Investing is Relationship Investing – so the most important relationship in your life needs extra special attention.

In other words, if your alignment with your significant other is lacking – so is your investing.

People ask us all the time, “how do I make this work with my significant other?”

Elaine and I operate a business together by day and parent together by night. We’re side by side almost 24 hours a day – which creates plenty of opportunity for conflict. Rather than giving into friction, we’ve learned to channel this energy into polarity and extreme passion to fuel our personal and real estate goals.

We’re using our firsthand experience and success in this arena to teach you how to get on the same page and maximize your potential for financial legacy.